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“I think the trend of being vulnerable is contagious. It takes one brave person to start it and create a safe environment – I'm empowered to do that now.”

Natalie W. – Cultures Division Client

“This training has encouraged me to be a better communicator and believe that my ideas are valuable.”

Anna T. – Cultures Division Client

“The Cultures workshops are the real deal. You'll walk away with more than you could have asked for and with frameworks to use throughout your life, and in all areas of it.”

Anusia G. – Client in the Legal Industry

“This training is immensely helpful and freeing for anyone and can be helpful for any relationship or stress, external or internal, personal or professional.”

Cultures Division Client

“Everyone needs these tools to have better relationships and conflict management at work and at home.”

Cultures Division Client

Unlocking the Mind

“Unlocking the Mind teaches a path forward for each of us to discover the depths and meaning of our unconscious thoughts in a mind-blowing way. Kip showed me the strategies to rid my mind of negative thoughts.”
Gretchen T.

Vice President – Client in the Finance Industry

“Unlocking the Mind has taught me how to BE, to fully experience the present, to slow down and appreciate the now. I feel lighter. My life is now richer! ”
Wendy F.

Assistant VP – Client in the Finance Industry

“I can’t speak highly enough about my experience at the Unlocking the Mind retreat. I discovered things about myself that I had never realized before, and learned takeaways that have allowed me to be the best version of myself both professionally and personally. This retreat exceeded the expectations I had and truly changed my life.”

Kimberly A. – Client in the Accounting Industry

“For me it was groundbreaking. In three days, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of becoming a better person. A better husband, better father, better friend, better workmate. I was given the freedom to shift from the unconscious to the conscious. It was nourishment for my soul.”

Hank W. – COO, Client in the Accounting Industry

“I leave this experience with a higher level of awareness of the importance of positive energy, detaching from negativity & focusing on facts that may be surrounded by emotions. This was a great investment.”

Joe C. – CEO, Client in the Consulting Industry

Chase Your Dreams

“You created a safe, inclusive, and dynamic environment that seamlessly intertwined concepts with real life practice. Each week, I felt inspired to be vulnerable and escape my comfort zone. I am truly grateful, and cannot wait to channel this course throughout my life as I chase my dreams.”

Julia G.

“The way I feel now in comparison to how I felt at the beginning of the class is unrecognizable. Over the course of the class, I have reconnected with people whom I have not been in contact with for years, have met new people, was promoted, and even asked for a raise. I feel more proud, happy, excited, and committed to myself, and this was all made possible from this class.”

Jake P.

“The Chase Your Dreams program was more than I ever expected: more reflection, more dedication, more self-awareness, and more control of my thoughts and reality.”

Josh G.

“This program came exactly when I needed it. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I love when you tell us we are exactly where we are supposed to be. ”

Liza S.

“To put it simply, this class changed my mindset in a way that will change the trajectory of my life. Thank you, Kip, for the time, effort, passion, and love you put into this class.”

Anthony F.
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