A transformational experience

A transformational experience focusing on the energy of being human. You will achieve a heightened self-awareness, propelling you into a fuller and more authentic life. You will learn to break free from thoughts and behaviors that are not serving you, and develop new ways of creating success for yourself and those around you – both at work and at home.
Unlocking the Mind

The gateway to mental freedom

Time is speeding up. Our schedules are fuller than ever, and technology is dominating our world. During our time together, we will focus on rewiring the mind. Ultimately, this course is designed to help participants be effective leaders of their lives. How you do something is how you do everything, and this program helps you reach your fullest potential.

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Value of Attending

  • Improve your communication and relationships
  • Create a deepened sense of fulfillment
  • Identify and release from your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to increase productivity and resiliency
  • Develop mental clarity and a sense of calm amidst life’s chaos
  • Experience a deeper understanding of the neuroscience and benefits of mindfulness and meditative techniques
  • Gain a sense of empowerment, confidence, and poise in leadership
  • Learn to create, manage, and lead an authentic and drama‐free life that is excuse-less and more conscious


Program Details

“I leave this experience with a higher level of awareness of the importance of positive energy, detaching from negativity & focusing on facts that may be surrounded by emotions. This was a great investment.”
Joe C CEO, Client in the Consulting Industry (Completed January 2020)
“The energy generated was palpable and electric. I feel lighter and more whole as a result of attending this retreat. Already, my interactions with others are more “real” and positively impactful.”
Manny C. CEO and Founder, Client in the Coaching Industry (Completed January 2020)
“For me it was groundbreaking. In three days, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of becoming a better person. A better husband, better father, better friend, better workmate. I was given the freedom to shift from the unconscious to the conscious. It was nourishment for my soul.”
Hank W. COO, Client in the Accounting Industry (Completed July 2019)
“This program is life-changing! And after this year, we all need this! Thank you, Kip for all you do and what you have created!”
Sara T. Founder & President, Client in the Marketing Industry (Completed March 2020)
“I can’t speak highly enough about my experience at the Unlocking the Mind retreat. I discovered things about myself that I had never realized before, and learned takeaways that have allowed me to be the best version of myself both professionally and personally. This retreat exceeded the expectations I had and truly changed my life.”
Kimberly A. Client in the Accounting Industry (Completed January 2020)
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