The Bigger Game

The Bigger Game offers a philosophy and methodology for finding and releasing the full expression of your team’s purpose and talents, allowing for the variety of perspectives critical to your group’s success. The concepts can be learned in just nine minutes but will serve participants for a lifetime. Both introspective and extrospective, this program empowers you to ask yourself where you are and what’s going on, while building your awareness of others. This training will support a team in stepping out of its collective comfort zone to collaborate and take bold actions that create heightened results.
“My entire professional existence will be different moving forward.”
Client in the Finance Industry
“This is one of the best trainings I’ve been through (and I’ve been through a lot). It was extremely valuable and worth the time and effort.”
Client in the Finance Industry
“Great experience! What was particularly valuable was the ability of the facilitators to adjust the program to meet us where we were in our journey.”
Client in the Finance Industry
“The most valuable part of this training was understanding what we all bring to the table and how we can activate that in service of the company.”
Client in the Finance Industry
“We now have a common language to work through conflict and create alignment.”
Client in the Finance Industry
“This training allowed us to “clear the air” on some things so we could move forward as a team.”
Client in the Finance Industry
“This training gave me the tools to approach challenges as opportunities for growth.”
Client in the Finance Industry
a Tool for Transformation

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We recognize that change is not always linear or predictable, and that to see lasting effects there must be buy-in at every level of an organization.

Drawing from the research of Dr. John Kotter and Kurt Lewin, The Bigger Game expands upon Kotter’s linear Eight Stage Change Model which outlines the steps required for organizational change. The Bigger Game acknowledges that there must be personal investment from everyone involved for organizational change to take root, and provides your team with the communication, trust, and shared vision for that to occur. To get the very best from people, you must give them the opportunity to pursue the very best in themselves.

The Bigger Game can be separated into 9 key facets - comfort zones, hunger, compelling purpose, assess, bold action, gulp, sustainability, allies, and investment.

The Bigger Game model will energize and engage your team to see their role in the context of something larger than themselves.

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